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I am Andrea, a seasoned expert in AI consulting and corporate training, holding a distinguished certification in mental coaching. With a profound depth of knowledge and an extensive background in curating bespoke learning and development strategies, my core mission is to unlock and amplify the latent potential within you and your teams.

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Why Choose Me?

Deep-rooted Expertise

With a comprehensive background in business operations and human resources, I don't just understand the theories of personal and professional growth – I've lived them. Training over 4,000 personnel globally and managing cross-border high-value projects have solidified my reputation as a force in the training and coaching world.

Custom-Tailored Approach

Every individual and team is unique. That's why, at AC Coaching in Dubai, founded in 2023, I emphasize crafting unique strategies for my clients and bespoke training projects, harnessing my skills in curriculum design, coaching administration, and detailed skills assessment to craft strategies just for you.

A Commitment to Learning

Apart from AI coaching, I pride myself on creating educational content across diverse fields, a testament to my dedication to continuous learning and ensuring you receive the latest, evidence-based guidance.

Proven Track Record

My roles as a Senior Training Specialist at Excellence Education and as the COO & Head of HR at Sweetguest. spotlight my ability to adapt, innovate, and drive results. Rapid course development, efficient HR strategies, or operational excellence, I've championed them all.

Education & Recognition

Holding a Master’s Degree in Mental Coaching and a Bachelor’s in International Economics, Management, and Finance from the globally celebrated Luigi Bocconi University, Milan, I bring a blend of psychological insight and business acumen to my consulting and training methods.

Your Journey with Me

Believing that the heart of innovation lies in unveiling the untapped potential within, my multidisciplinary approach equips me to facilitate your transformation. Together, we'll navigate challenges, overcome hurdles, and set you on a path to a vibrant and rewarding future. Ready for a transformational partnership? Let's embark on this journey of growth together.

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